Source code for mmaction.models.losses.ssn_loss

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F

from mmaction.registry import MODELS
from .ohem_hinge_loss import OHEMHingeLoss

[docs]@MODELS.register_module() class SSNLoss(nn.Module):
[docs] @staticmethod def activity_loss(activity_score, labels, activity_indexer): """Activity Loss. It will calculate activity loss given activity_score and label. Args: activity_score (torch.Tensor): Predicted activity score. labels (torch.Tensor): Groundtruth class label. activity_indexer (torch.Tensor): Index slices of proposals. Returns: torch.Tensor: Returned cross entropy loss. """ pred = activity_score[activity_indexer, :] gt = labels[activity_indexer] return F.cross_entropy(pred, gt)
[docs] @staticmethod def completeness_loss(completeness_score, labels, completeness_indexer, positive_per_video, incomplete_per_video, ohem_ratio=0.17): """Completeness Loss. It will calculate completeness loss given completeness_score and label. Args: completeness_score (torch.Tensor): Predicted completeness score. labels (torch.Tensor): Groundtruth class label. completeness_indexer (torch.Tensor): Index slices of positive and incomplete proposals. positive_per_video (int): Number of positive proposals sampled per video. incomplete_per_video (int): Number of incomplete proposals sampled pre video. ohem_ratio (float): Ratio of online hard example mining. Default: 0.17. Returns: torch.Tensor: Returned class-wise completeness loss. """ pred = completeness_score[completeness_indexer, :] gt = labels[completeness_indexer] pred_dim = pred.size(1) pred = pred.view(-1, positive_per_video + incomplete_per_video, pred_dim) gt = gt.view(-1, positive_per_video + incomplete_per_video) # yapf:disable positive_pred = pred[:, :positive_per_video, :].contiguous().view(-1, pred_dim) # noqa:E501 incomplete_pred = pred[:, positive_per_video:, :].contiguous().view(-1, pred_dim) # noqa:E501 # yapf:enable positive_loss = OHEMHingeLoss.apply( positive_pred, gt[:, :positive_per_video].contiguous().view(-1), 1, 1.0, positive_per_video) incomplete_loss = OHEMHingeLoss.apply( incomplete_pred, gt[:, positive_per_video:].contiguous().view(-1), -1, ohem_ratio, incomplete_per_video) num_positives = positive_pred.size(0) num_incompletes = int(incomplete_pred.size(0) * ohem_ratio) return ((positive_loss + incomplete_loss) / float(num_positives + num_incompletes))
[docs] @staticmethod def classwise_regression_loss(bbox_pred, labels, bbox_targets, regression_indexer): """Classwise Regression Loss. It will calculate classwise_regression loss given class_reg_pred and targets. Args: bbox_pred (torch.Tensor): Predicted interval center and span of positive proposals. labels (torch.Tensor): Groundtruth class label. bbox_targets (torch.Tensor): Groundtruth center and span of positive proposals. regression_indexer (torch.Tensor): Index slices of positive proposals. Returns: torch.Tensor: Returned class-wise regression loss. """ pred = bbox_pred[regression_indexer, :, :] gt = labels[regression_indexer] reg_target = bbox_targets[regression_indexer, :] class_idx = - 1 classwise_pred = pred[:, class_idx, :] classwise_reg_pred = (torch.diag(classwise_pred[:, :, 0]).view( -1, 1), torch.diag(classwise_pred[:, :, 1]).view(-1, 1)), dim=1) loss = F.smooth_l1_loss( classwise_reg_pred.view(-1), reg_target.view(-1)) * 2 return loss
[docs] def forward(self, activity_score, completeness_score, bbox_pred, proposal_type, labels, bbox_targets, train_cfg): """Calculate Boundary Matching Network Loss. Args: activity_score (torch.Tensor): Predicted activity score. completeness_score (torch.Tensor): Predicted completeness score. bbox_pred (torch.Tensor): Predicted interval center and span of positive proposals. proposal_type (torch.Tensor): Type index slices of proposals. labels (torch.Tensor): Groundtruth class label. bbox_targets (torch.Tensor): Groundtruth center and span of positive proposals. train_cfg (dict): Config for training. Returns: dict([torch.Tensor, torch.Tensor, torch.Tensor]): (loss_activity, loss_completeness, loss_reg). Loss_activity is the activity loss, loss_completeness is the class-wise completeness loss, loss_reg is the class-wise regression loss. """ self.sampler = train_cfg.ssn.sampler self.loss_weight = train_cfg.ssn.loss_weight losses = dict() proposal_type = proposal_type.view(-1) labels = labels.view(-1) activity_indexer = ((proposal_type == 0) + (proposal_type == 2)).nonzero().squeeze(1) completeness_indexer = ((proposal_type == 0) + (proposal_type == 1)).nonzero().squeeze(1) total_ratio = ( self.sampler.positive_ratio + self.sampler.background_ratio + self.sampler.incomplete_ratio) positive_per_video = int(self.sampler.num_per_video * (self.sampler.positive_ratio / total_ratio)) background_per_video = int( self.sampler.num_per_video * (self.sampler.background_ratio / total_ratio)) incomplete_per_video = ( self.sampler.num_per_video - positive_per_video - background_per_video) losses['loss_activity'] = self.activity_loss(activity_score, labels, activity_indexer) losses['loss_completeness'] = self.completeness_loss( completeness_score, labels, completeness_indexer, positive_per_video, incomplete_per_video, ohem_ratio=positive_per_video / incomplete_per_video) losses['loss_completeness'] *= self.loss_weight.comp_loss_weight if bbox_pred is not None: regression_indexer = (proposal_type == 0).nonzero().squeeze(1) bbox_targets = bbox_targets.view(-1, 2) losses['loss_reg'] = self.classwise_regression_loss( bbox_pred, labels, bbox_targets, regression_indexer) losses['loss_reg'] *= self.loss_weight.reg_loss_weight return losses
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